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Investment Strategy

Our investment focus is defined by three criteria:

Strong Management Team

Management is the single greatest determinant of the success of an investment. We provide talented management teams with the resources and the assistance necessary to unlock their company’s true potential. The cornerstone of building a successful relationship with our management team rests upon aligned equity incentives, a spirit of mutual trust, and frequent and open communications.


Growth is the primary objective in all of our investments. Growth can come from introducing new products, expanding into new geographies, investing in direct sales effort, accessing new channels, and acquiring complementary products or businesses.

Dominant Market Position

We invest in market leaders. We look for enterprises that have established a dominant position in a defensible niche in order to create sustainable long term value and generate superior investment returns.

Sector Focus

We may specialize in several industries, but we look everywhere.

Since we opened our doors in 1998, Olympus has invested across a wide array of industries. And while we will continue to look for investment opportunities in any company with a strong management team, excellent growth potential, and defensible niches, we have developed a thorough expertise in several sectors. Simply put, we like to think of ourselves as generalists with deep experience in several key industries.

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We Structure Transactions to Optimize Performance and Cultivate Growth


We are not financial engineers – we create value by increasing the enterprise in our portfolio companies.  When we use financial leverage, we determine a company’s cash flow characteristics and the predictability of its operating results and then rely on a conservative approach designed to support growth objectives.  Through this conservative approach we ensure that each business has the financial wherewithal to achieve its business goals.

Over 80% of Olympus’ invested capital has been invested in control middle market leveraged buyouts where Olympus is the sole or leading investor – the remaining 20% represent growth capital financings.


Our preferred investment size ranges from $75 million for growth capital to $500 million or more for buyouts.

Use of Proceeds

We provide the capital which our portfolio companies need to:

  • Make strategic acquisitions
  • Expand into new locations
  • Develop new products
  • Build new sales channels
  • Invest in additional infrastructure
  • Provide liquidity for existing shareholders