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February 24th, 2021

What a Guy

What a Guy: In the four decades we have operated in the fund management business, we have had the experience of meeting and working with a wide range of investors who possess a wide range of skills, personalities and goals. Many of them have been with us for decades and we get the opportunity to know them well as we work through successes and challenges together. Guy Shutt was a special one of these investors. Guy recognized the value of building a relationship well beyond the commitment of capital. He would frequently call or email from various ports of call around the world to chat about our activities, his activities, family life or golf. Often he had taken the time to identify acquisitions for our portfolio companies or to share something that appealed to his droll sense of humor. He was able to respond objectively when news was not good and was enthusiastically supportive when he was on your team. I had the good fortune to also enjoy several rounds of golf, where his powerful game defied the laws of physics, and meals with Guy. Guy passed away last Friday after a several month struggle with cancer. The last photo he sent me showed the thirty pounds he had lost, but no reduction in his warm smile. His loss leaves a hole in his family’s and our lives. We are blessed to have spent time with him.

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