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June 1st, 2016

Sprole Long, Been Good to Know You

Days, weeks, months and years accumulate in careers with little notice given to their passing. More important is giving notice to those who make the passing of those days as pleasurable and as fulfilling as possible. Yesterday, our Chief Financial Officer, Andrea Sprole retired after 25 years at Olympus. In 1991 I asked Andrea to return to the workplace a few days a week to help Olympus move from an outsourced finance function to an in house one. The notion was that Andrea would work part time for several months until we hired a different team. Then the days began to accumulate. Andrea’s cheerful, unflappable and good humored approach to her work was an unmeasurable asset and one of the reasons it is great to come to work daily at Olympus. She will be greatly missed, but we hope she will visit often from her new home out West.

I’m Rob Morris and I approved this blog.

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